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If you would like to refer a patient to us, please use the referral form (link below).

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We offer a complete service from planning to prostheses delivery for those dentists who wish to refer for the entire treatment. Alternatively, we can complete the surgical phase and return the patient to you for the prosthetic construction. We are happy to carry out sinus lifts, ramus and chin grafts for those referring dentists who wish to place the implants but who would prefer that the grafting is done by us.

For the safety of patients all our surgical treatments are performed under strict sterile surgical protocols with surgical drapes and gowns. For graft harvesting piezo surgery is used to minimise soft and hard tissue trauma. To enhance soft tissue healing platelet rich plasma (PRP) is routinely employed.

Two implant systems are used namely: Astra Tech® and Endopore®.

As part of our commitment to involve referring dentists with implant treatments we are only too happy for referring dentists to attend any stage of the treatment process.

Why implants?

Dental implants have many advantages compared to traditional crown and bridge solutions. Here are the main reasons for dental implants:

  • Dental implants look, feel and function like natural teeth.
  • Healthy teeth do not need to be prepared to support dental implants.
  • Anchoring dental implants in the jawbone stimulates tissue and gum, ensuring an attractive, aesthetic result, while helping to maintain facial structures.
  • Dental implants do not require any adhesives to hold the new teeth in place, and eliminate discomfort and insecurity of loose, ill-fitting dentures.
  • Last but not least: implants give your patients a secure and permanent tooth replacement.

How to refer and our promise to you

You may request referral forms from us. Simply complete the form, giving as much additional information as you can and post it to the Southwest Implant Centre.

We will acknowledge your referral by return post and contact your patient as soon as possible.

Following a full assessment a letter detailing our proposals will be sent to your patient and a copy sent to you for your records with a clinical report. After completion of each treatment stage a further report will be sent to you.

On completion your patient will always be discharged back into your care. We will only ever provide dental implant or grafting treatments for your patients.


Clinical case presentations

Case Study 1 - Implant overdentures

Many older patients complain of uncomfortable and loose dentures. For these patients who are happy to wear dentures but would like them to stay put during function implant overdentures are the ideal solution. Rarely are grafting procedures required, this coupled with a total of only six implants being necessary not only reduces the surgery for the patient but also the cost.

Case Study 1. Image of locator attachments in the mandible for implant overdentures.

Locator attachments (mandible).

Case study 1. Image of a gold bar in the maxilla ready for implant overdentures.

Gold bar (maxilla).

Case study 2 - implant bridge

Edentulous regions may be treated with fixed implant bridges. To achieve absolute passivity of fit the Cresco® system is used.

This lady in her mid-forties presented with failing premolars and canines requesting restoration of these teeth and "one tooth further back". Three implants were placed at time of extraction and healing abutments attached. Eight weeks later the final fixed cantilever bridge was delivered.

Case study 2. X-ray radiograph of premolars before adding an impant bridge.


Case study 2. X-ray radiograph of prosthesis attached to the jaw.

At prosthesis attachment.

Case study 2. Image of an implant bridge.

Intra-oral view.

Case study 3 - Sinus lift procedure

It is very common to find insufficient bone in the posterior maxilla both due to sinus pneumatization and bone loss due to previous periodontal disease. In these cases bone height must be regenerated. This may be done by onlay grafting, sinus floor elevation, or a combination of both.

This gentleman presented with a complete upper denture that he could not cope with. He requested that we rid him of his denture and provide a permanently fixed solution. Although sufficient bone volume existed in the anterior maxilla insufficient height precluded implant placement without sinus floor elevation in the posterior regions. Simultaneous sinus floor elevations and implant placement were performed. Bio-Oss® and Bio-Gide® were used as the graft materials.

Case Study 3. X-ray radiograph of implant placement and a sinus lift.Case Study 3. X-ray radiograph of implant placement and a sinus lift.Case Study 3. X-ray radiograph of implant placement and a sinus lift.

Simultaneous implant placement and sinus lift.

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