South West Implant Centre

Patient Testimonials.

Mrs Welsh

“Whilst in my mid-twenties I lost three of my front teeth I an unfortunate accident. Now - some thirty years later - I honestly did not think it was possible to have implanted replacement teeth.

“Upon visiting the practice Dr Reynolds assured me it would be possible, and talked me through the various procedures at great length. I received excellent care from the practice before, during, and after my operation. Shortly before Christmas 2002 my implants were successfully completed, and my real confidence finally returned!”

- Mrs B. Welsh.

Mrs Alder

“After many years of dental problems I had a large gap from lost teeth in my upper jaw. Faced with wearing dentures at the age of forty one I decided after consultation with my dentist (Dr Reynolds) to opt for dental implants. I am so pleased I did. I have had them for six months now and completely forget they are not my own natural teeth. I know that with careful hygiene they will last for many years and I would not hesitate to go through the same procedure again if necessary.”

- Mrs Karen Alder.

Mr Robertson

“Having undergone extensive dental treatment over many years and at great expense, I found the advice, help and aftercare provided by the Downend Dental Practice some of the best I have ever received.

“The work undertaken to provide me with implants sounded daunting. But, in my case, I suffered no pain during or after the treatment. I am delighted with the results and have no hesitation in recommending the practice to anyone considering implant treatment.”

- Mr Allan Robertson.

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