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Missing All Your Teeth.

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      • Aesthetic problem.
      • Functional problem.
      • Significant psychological burden.
      • Bone resorption.
      • Premature facial ageing.

Implant-supported tooth

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      • Fixed.
      • Aesthetic.
      • Fully functional.
      • Reliable and stable.
      • Stops bone resorption.
      • Well documented treatment.
      • Long term solution.


Conventional treatment

Removable partial denture.

    Illustration of lower dentures and and gum.
      • Relatively low cost.
      • Well-known treatment.
      • Poor aesthetics.
      • Can be socially embarrassing.
      • May move or fall out.
      • Uncomfortable.
      • Difficult to speak normally.
      • Difficult to chew certain foods.
      • Alters the taste of food.
      • Can be difficult to adjust to.
      • Continued bone resorption.
      • Multiple adjustments.
      • Does not feel like your own teeth.
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