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Your Teeth Restored in Five Stages.

Small illustration of a missing tooth replaced by a dental implant. The complete process of fitting your dental implant(s) may take from 4-9 months, depending upon the extent of the treatment required. Time is needed for your jaw bone to grow around the implant and for your replacement teeth to be made.


Illustration of a missing tooth. Stage 1.

Your dentist evaluates your dental health, lifestyle and oral hygiene habits. If you decide to have dental implants, your dentist will plan the treatment together with a surgical specialist.

Illustration of an artificial root in bone.Stage 2.

In the first stage of the treatment the surgeon places the artificial new root in your jaw. While the root bonds to your bone, you wear temporary dentures.

Illustration of a dental implant with an extension added to the implanted artificial root.Stage 3.

In the second treatment stage, your surgeon securely attaches an extension on the new root.

Illustration of an artificial tooth crown added to the implanted root. Stage 4.

Your dentist then creates a final new tooth crown together with a dental technician. The artificial crown is made to look like your natural teeth and is permanently fixed in place.

Illustration of the final dental implant repair. Stage 5.

Once your new tooth is completed, good oral hygiene habits will be the key to maintaining your new smile.


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