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Welcome to the Southwest Implant Centre, Bristol.


Dr Nigel Reynolds welcomes you to the Southwest Implant Centre - the region's premier implant centre. Treatment success and safety are at the heart of our philosophy.

We are proud to announce that Dr Nigel Reynolds, our principal implant surgeon, has this year been awarded top honours by the world renowned Global Institute for Dental Education and the University of Los Angeles Dental School - the world's leading dental school, for obtaining first prize in the global Implant Clinicians Master Programme. Dr Nigel Reynolds attained first place from over a hundred participants from the USA, South Americas, Europe, Japan, and the Middle East.

No other UK implant surgeon has been awarded this prestigious honour.

Why choose the Southwest implant Centre?

By attending our implant centre you can be sure of receiving the very best treatment from one of the very best implant surgeons world wide.

Dr Nigel Reynolds insists on the very highest standard in all forms of your treatment.

The centre only uses the best implant systems from Astratech® and Nobel Biocare®, we do not use clone systems such as Israeli or Korean among many others that have little if any scientific support for their effectiveness.

As important is the quality of the laboratory work - the porcelain teeth, that are fixed to the implants. Again the centre only uses the very best laboratory technicians.

The combination of a premier implant surgeon, genuine scientifically supported implant systems, and the finest laboratory work ensures that you will receive the safest and most effective long term results for your treatment.

Our treatments costs often exceed those advertised elsewhere but represent excellent long term value. We do not make headline claims of implants for less than £500.00 etcetera, this could only be achieved if we were to compromise our philosophy of quality and safety.

The keys to success:


Planning, planning, planning. Appropriate planning can only be achieved over several visits. Planning will include the following;

  • An initial consultation to assess your needs and desires.
  • A compete examination and assessment of your entire dentition, mouth and facial structures.
  • A full radiographic and 3D cone beam CT scan assessment of your dentition and underlying bone foundation.
  • A full mock-up of the proposed end result prior to treatment.

Only once all the above information has been gathered and assessed can an appropriate plan of treatment be formulated. A detailed written plan will then be offered to you outlining the nature of the surgery, its side effects and complications and the final outcome.



Remember that the gums are the frame to the teeth, without a quality frame the picture is ruined.

Failure to make the gum the priority will lead to failure of the final result and disappointment. The gum can only exist if the underlying bone is sufficient and that the supporting scaffold to the gum the connective tissue is robust.

To achieve long term gum stability bone and connective tissue regeneration is needed in approximately 95% of cases. Equally important is the moulding of the gum through the use of provisional (temporary) teeth. This permits the precise sculpturing of the gum around the implant teeth to replicate a natural appearance. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked by less experienced surgeons who focus on the appearance of the tooth and ignore the gum the results will always be compromised and not stable for many years.



The bone is the foundation to stable implants.

The last few years has seen an increase in the use of shorter and shorter implants for situations where bone is limited. Their use has been driven by manufactures who wish to increase sale volumes to surgeons who do not possess the skills to regenerate large bone volumes.

The gold standard is always to regenerate lost bone and avoid short implants. Dr Nigel Reynolds has for many years been regenerating large bone volumes by various techniques such as sinus elevations, block grafting, and distraction amongst other methods. His success rates are matched by the scientific literature. These procedures must only be performed by experienced surgeons - failure will lead to significant difficulties that only advance techniques can rectify.



Dental implants are only a part of your treatment. Dental implants must never be placed if you are suffering from other dental problems. Dr Nigel Reynolds will treat your dentition as whole. You will not need to be referred to other dental practices for gum treatment, fillings and crowns etc. Any treatment that you require to permit the placement of dental implants can be provided by Dr Nigel Reynolds.



As with any structure, maintenance is imperative. Part of the maintenance will be carried out by you the patient in the form of meticulous tooth brushing and interdental cleaning however, equally important is our commitment to you to routinely monitor your implants.


Our facilities and services.

Free of charge initial consultations.
On site CT scanning and digital imaging.
Intravenous sedation available at no additional cost.
Dedicated sterilization facilities over and above current guidelines.
24 hour emergency cover during surgical phases of treatment.
Interest free payment terms

A Centre of Excellence in Dentistry


South West
Implant Centre,

37 Badminton Road,
Bristol BS16 6BP


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