South West Implant Centre

Welcome to the Southwest Implant Centre, Bristol.


Dr Nigel Reynolds welcomes you to the Southwest Implant Centre - the region's premier implant centre. Treatment success and safety are at the heart of our philosophy.

We are excited to have Dr Nigel Reynolds as our lead implant surgeon. In 2011 Nigel was awarded top honours by the world renowned Global Institute for Dental Education and the University of Los Angeles Dental School - the world's leading dental school, for obtaining first prize in the Global Implant Clinicians Master Programme. Dr Nigel Reynolds attained first place from over a hundred participants from the USA, South Americas, Europe, Japan, and the Middle East. Additionally in 2015 Nigel was appointed to the Faculty of the Royal College of Surgeons FGDP (London, UK).

Why choose the Southwest implant Centre?

By attending our implant centre you can be sure of receiving the very best treatment from one of the very best implant surgeons world wide.

Dr Nigel Reynolds insists on the very highest standard in all forms of your treatment.

The centre only uses the best implant systems from Astratech® and Nobel Biocare®, we do not use clone systems such as Israeli or Korean among many others that have little if any scientific support for their effectiveness.

As important is the quality of the laboratory work - the porcelain teeth, that are fixed to the implants. Again the centre only uses the very best laboratory technicians.

The combination of a premier implant surgeon, genuine scientifically supported implant systems, and the finest laboratory work ensures that you will receive the safest and most effective long term results for your treatment.

Our treatments costs often exceed those advertised elsewhere but represent excellent long term value. We do not make headline claims of implants for less than £500.00 etcetera, this could only be achieved if we were to compromise our philosophy of quality and safety.

Our facilities and services.

Free of charge initial consultations.
On site CT scanning and digital imaging.
Intravenous sedation available at no additional cost.
Dedicated sterilization facilities over and above current guidelines.
24 hour emergency cover during surgical phases of treatment.
Interest free payment terms

A Centre of Excellence in Dentistry


South West
Implant Centre,

37 Badminton Road,
Bristol BS16 6BP


0117 302 6436


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